Youtube is the one platform I’d say that in the last few years has blown up, and everyone wants to create content and eventually turn their hobby into a job. You’d be lying if you didn’t think about it. However, this last week Youtube announced changes, and changes that could potentially destroy everything us small youtube creators have worked hard for, and opportunities for the people who are wanting to start up their own channel.¬†

Being a small youtube creator I started off blogging, and through my blog decided ‘what the heck’ and clicked into a Youtube channel I made in 2008 and started from scratch, deleting all those cringe videos I made with my friends at age 14 recreating scenes from the movie ‘Love Actually’. True fact!

Starting from scratch was hard. Going onto my channel and seeing ‘0’ subscribers and going onto to others that said ’30k’. You do sit and wonder ‘is there much point’ and ‘probably wasting my time’, but it’s a chance I wanted to take. I never created my channel to make money, I created it to see if I actually could and wanted to test myself and see if I could pick up a camera and talk about things I love, and gain confidence from it.

I then noticed my subscriber count grow and grow and that’s when I thought maybe all the harassing on Twitter to ‘hit that subscribe button’ paid off, as unfortunately being small you need to be your own biggest fan and get your channel across all platforms.

Then Wednesday happened. Sitting at work minding my own business and the next what felt like my social platform world came crumbling down. They changed their regulations which we all think was down do a massive influencer pretty much shitting on our dreams. Sorry for the language. But 100% true. We now had to have 1k subs and 4,000 watch time over the year.. by 20th of February. I had to gain 1k subs by 20th of February. I had 309. THE 20TH OF FEBRUARY!  Panic struck.

Luckily the blogging and youtube community is fantastic and us small creators stuck together and helped each other out. However last night (19th Jan) I fell asleep with a healthy 490 subs. I was almost half way there, breathe Karina, breathe. You CAN do this! Then, I woke up and again my social platform world crumbled down. 408 subscribers. Youtube somehow thought taking away subscribers was ok!? My family watch, my friends watch and the people who have just subscribed didn’t get time to watch! But, somehow not having a channel that’s active 80% of the time and subscribed to you is spam. Thanks Youtube. Thanks a bunch!

Now, it’s almost like starting at square one. I won’t make 1k by February and I’ve accepted that. But now 500 subscribers feels honestly, a million miles away!

Let’s support each other!

Here is my youtube channel. Just click the link here. Leave your links below if you have a channel!




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