Makeup Revolution have totally upped their game I feel in the last year or so. I feel people take a glance at their brand and the price and turn their heads and go to the high end brands instead. But, honestly in my opinion Makeup Revolution are one of my all time favourite brands and I much prefer them to brands like MAC and Urban Decay. 

Recently they realised their new Conceal and Define Concealers which everyone went MAD for! Obviously feeling left out in the chat online I sprinted to my local superdrug (when I say sprint I mean, slowly plod as I had to go outside and face actual people as I do all my buying online). I wasn’t expecting to actually get my hands on any of the lighter shades as I knew they’d no doubt be out of stock, but to my surprise there was the shade C4 which I grabbed and at £4 I wasn’t going to complain if it didn’t match me.

Now, I am a super fan of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, so I was secretly hoping it was awful so I could stick up for my beloved Collection concealer. But honestly guys, the Makeup Revolution concealer is a winner!! I am shook, proper shook at how amazing this is! It blends well, leaves your skin super glowy and has a good coverage! I wouldn’t say it’s super high coverage but it does cover my spots and any red blemishes I have! It has however made my under eyes look awake, and not like I’ve had zero sleep for 3 weeks.

As I said the price is super affordable at £4, and honestly it’s 100% worth that £4 and more! You’d expect a concealer like this honestly to come from a higher end brand! I’ve also not read any bad reviews on this yet and I can totally understand why!

Will I be buying again?

Absolutely yes!! It has made it’s way into my makeup bag and is staying firmly there! It may not be my beloved Collection Concealer but I’ll be 110% buying this again and I can’t wait to try more shades! I think next I’ll even buy a slightly darker shade to try contour with! So keep your eyes pealed for that!


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