Is Bad Gal Bang Mascara Worth The Hype?

Bad Gal Bang Mascara has taken over most social media in the last month or so. I jumped straight onto the hype and grabbed it as I was super excited to try it, since I’ve never actually been a fan of any Benefit mascara before. So, what did I think of it? First of, I’ve been trying this for I’d say about 4 weeks now. I wanted to wait and give my honest full review of this since it’s so hyped about. So first of I’ll start with the packaging.


The packaging of the Bad Gal Bang mascara may be my favourite packing of all time. I’ve never seen any mascara designed like it. It’s super rock and roll which I love and is a real statement. I think that’s why I was so drawn to it! So, well done Benefit, you done good!

Long Lasting?

So, first of the brush is my definite favourite, and grips onto every single lash! It is classed as the most volumising and long lasting mascara, so I had to test this for myself, obviously! It says this mascara lasts 36 hours. Which is beyond me if anyone wants to wear a mascara for that long! But right enough, silly me decided to test it overnight and not take my mascara off, and it didn’t budge! It wasn’t 36 hours I had it on for, but was pretty close and yes Benefit, on the long lasting side, you’ve done well!

My One Complaint

As much as this product is volumising and long lasting there was only one complaint I had. First impressions were great, but after a while the same thing started to show every time I wore it. That one thing is that it smudges. Underneath my eyes throughout the day were a little smokey from the mascara transferring onto my skin. Another thing was when applying specs of mascara would jump of the brush onto my face, which I’ve never had with any other mascara before! These aren’t massive issues, but I was expecting it to not smudge, so that was a little disappointing.

Final Thoughts. Will I Buy Again?

Yes. Yes I will buy this again. Even that one complaint I have it doesn’t put me off. It’s one of the best mascara’s I own, and should definitely be worth the hype. Well done Benefit! Even though people couldn’t understand the huge wait for it, it’s definitely worth it.


What are your thoughts on this mascara? I’d love to hear your thoughts down below!




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  1. March 20, 2018 / 5:53 pm

    I love this mascara think its the best one I’ve ever tried x

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