Editing photos is something I never used to do. Unfortunately however, starting a blog and taking Instagram more seriously I had to start touching up photos here and there. Over the years I’ve found apps I’ve loved, and some I’ve hated. So, here are the editing apps I use and that have completely saved my blog and Instagram. Also, these apps I have all on my iPhone, not sure if you’ll be able to get these on android! I think you should be able to though!


This app I’ve only actually had for about a few months now, and it’s completely changed the look of my Instagram. It took me a while to find my theme, but eventually I got there! This app can brighten up any photo no matter how dark it is! I’ll leave a before and after photo below to show the difference this amazing little app makes!


Facetune is an app that I only got primarily to whiten the background of photos. However, this app can also change the way you look, which I’m not 100% sure I’m ok with. I mean, I hate bits about me, but I’d never change the way I look for a photo. Everyone should be proud of the way they look in my opinion, but that’s a whole other blogpost. This is an amazing app, and also has amazing filters! I left a before and after photo to show you how much whitening can change a photo!



Vsco is an app I always use. I may not use it for my Instagram or blogs anymore, but any photos I take that I just want to add that extra bit of light or darkness too, I always use this app! There are some amazing free filters on there, that I can’t find anywhere else! I actually used a blue toned type of filter on my Instagram for a while and so many people commented on how nice it looked!


These are actually the only 3 apps that I use. I know there are some amazing ones out there, but I just unfortunately haven’t found them yet! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated in the comments below!


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