February has flown by, but luckily these days I am super organised and kept a note of all my favourite things.  So here is the small list of the things I’ve been loving!

The Greatest Showman

This had to be at the very top of this list. The greatest showman was a complete game changer for me, and i’ve never watched anything like it before! I can’t remember ever watching a movie and falling in love with not only the characters, but the music and story line. I swear all I done from the middle of January is play their soundtrack full blast, and I’m not even ashamed! The story is so powerful and If you haven’t watched it I advice you do if it’s still out in the cinema! Or at least buy it when it comes out in May!

Pandora Charm

Linked with The Greatest Showman, this was a surprise gift from my boyfriend. For Valentines day he bought me a pandora charm, which I knew he was, but I honestly had no idea which one! So, when I open it and seen ‘Rewrite The Stars’ it honestly meant so much to me! It was a film that changed us, and that song is also about love. So now, whenever I look down at my pandora bracelet I think of him.

Circle Belt

These belts have been making their rounds right now all over social media. I of corse had to get on the band wagon and pick one up! I bought this from Pretty Little Thing after spending about 2 weeks trying to find one EVERYWHERE! It’s a gucci dupe, but was super affordable at £12 instead of the £260 gucci belt that I’ll never own. This looks good with any outfit and I am utterly obsessed with it.

BareMinerals ‘XYZ’ Liquid Lipstick

I always used to envy anyone who had a nude lipstick that was super stunning on. I felt like I could never find any that suited my skin tone, until this beauty came into my life. I received this as a gift for Christmas and don’t think I’ve stopped wearing it since! It’s super long lasting, and easy to apply. This might be the most long lasting lipstick I own.

You Had Me At Hello –  Mhairi MacFarlane

It’s rare I ever buy a book these days and obsessively read it until i’m done. That’s usually within two days or so! This book is one of those ones! I couldn’t put it down and I became obsessed with Ben and Rachel. Everything about their characters and story line I became obsessed with and it’s a super relatable book, and easily a story that could of happened to any one of us. Not exactly all the ins and outs, but some people do fall in love, and then move on with their lives and leave it behind. Yet somehow, never get over their first love. It’s perfect and I love it!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette

This is by far my most worn eyeshadow palette throughout February! I love how the eyeshadows are set into categories of day, night and going out. It honestly makes life so much easier when you are going to a certain event or day to day. My most worn eyeshadow by far is the brown shades from the ‘Desk Eye’ section as they make any look stand out and glamorous! It is an expensive palette at £60 but you can’t deny it’s a stunning palette!

Dua Lipa

I had only recently just started listening to her, and became even more obsessed after her Brits performance. She is super edgy and is like nothing i’ve ever listened to before! She is 100% going to smash 2018 and I’m super excited to see what she does next!

Are any of my favourites yours? Let me know in the comments below!



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