Body Confidence is something I have, then I don’t have, then I have again. It goes up and down and today I want to talk about it. I want to tell you why I ‘fake’ the way I look and how my friends and even family don’t know I do it. It’s nothing extreme, but it’s what gets me out the house some days. I want to let people know that even being a size 8/10 which to some people is small and nothing to complain about, to me, theres days I feel really low and don’t have much confidence to even leave the house. Here is my story, and my tips on how I try to overcome those rubbish days and why I’m changing my lifestyle.

My Story

I’ve always been a size 8/10, apart from a spell in my teens when a size 6 wouldn’t even fit me correctly. But, I passed that bad stage and have always stuck to the same clothes size. I’ve always had big thighs and a big bum thanks to my genetics and that’s something I’m totally fine with. I used to care that I had small boobs and couldn’t pull of those stunning dresses that show cleavage, but i’ve learnt to live with that, and my tips below will help you understand that a bit better. But, the one thing that’s always really bothered me is my stomach. Now, you may look at me and think ‘shut up your skinny, stop craving attention’ but honestly, I hide it well and learnt over the years that spanks are my best friend. I never leave my house without spanks on apart from when I’m working, which might shock some people. There are people that do know, and tell me i’m stupid as they’d love my figure, but to me, my stomach is my worst enemy.

There is nothing worse than someone telling you you look fine, when you don’t feel it. It’s more what they call the ‘pooch’.. which ew gross, i hate that word! Like seriously! But, it’s that, that I can’t seem to get rid of. My love of potatoes, pasta and anything carbs over the years caught up with me and created this pocket of fat which now makes me self conscious. YAY. But, I’m here to change that, and take you on this body confidence journey with me.

My Tips & how i feel more body confident

One. Spanks are my best friend. As I said I can’t leave the house without them. I hide it well and there’s days that yes, I am more confident not to wear them, but most the time I do. I think, if i feel confident for the time being using them, theres no harm. You wouldn’t know otherwise and it’s like my own little secret.. until now.

Two. Get a good bra! Every girl needs a good bra, I’ve learnt now to live with my small boobs, but I do own the odd amazing push up bra for those dresses or tops that need that extra bit of help. There’s no harm in it, and most the time I’ll happily wear those cute bralets and flaunt my small boobage with confidence. So, yes own a good push up bra, but flaunt what you got and I know people with bigger boobs wish they had smaller! I’ve been told!

Three. Baggy Jumpers. I wear baggy jumpers more in that week of the month where you get way more bloated! I do love a good baggy jumper, and to the people on the outside looking at me might think I like a big cosy jumper, which yes I do! But, most the time it’s because of feeling a little insecure that day!

Four. Wear Crop tops, who cares! I’ve learnt now, that even if I don’t have that flat stomach I wish to have, it won’t stop me wearing pretty crop tops, as why should it? I do tend to wear them with high waisted clothing, but sometimes that doesn’t even help. All i know is, if I bought it and love it, i’m wearing it, simple.

Five. Nobody probably even notices. This is something I’m still working on and learning that not everyone is judgemental and most the time I am my own worst enemy! Yes people may look at outfits I wear that are a little different to the usual but they probably never judge me on my flabby bits I don’t like.

Six. Buy nice gym clothes. Honestly, nice gym clothes is motivational. If you look and feel good, your more likely to go out and flaunt it. I pretty much own all the Little Mix USA PRO collection, and I feel so much more confident in it.

6 week progress. March 6th to April 14th.

Lifestyle change

Lastly, I want to talk lifestyle. I’ve constantly said ‘i’ll healthy eat’ and ‘i’ll go to the gym’ but never actually last more that 2 weeks. Last month however since having a little health scare, changed. I’m eating healthier, getting more energy and feeling more motivated. Seeing a slight change is exciting and pushes you to the next level.

So, I’ve cut out living on pasta and pizza and swapped that for a salad at lunch, and a healthier dinner. It takes time, and if you rush into healthy eating and exercise all at once your more than likely to get bored and give up. It’s also good if you find someone to go to the gym with or someone to motivate you to keep going. I go to the gym with two of the girls I work with and my best friend Louise and I are doing couch to 5k. We may live 2 hours from each other but we keep each other updated with photos. It’s great to have someone at the other end motivating you, and I hope she feels the same.


I’m no professional but I’m excited to show you my progress. I may not have body confidence just yet. But, stick to it, you may surprise yourself!


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  1. Louise
    April 23, 2018 / 1:50 pm

    So proud of you. Love you loads.

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