Styling clothes hasn’t been my strongest point, but turning a new leaf, I’ll try my damn hardest. I picked up this gorgeous yellow floral dress from Tesco, yes you heard me right. I am living for Tesco clothing right now, they have some absolutely gorgeous pieces in.

Now, when I picked up this dress I hated it, but styling it myself I absolutely love it! I’ve paired it with some biker boots and a leather jacket since it’s all I pretty much live in. It gives it a edgy look and definitely changes the whole dress. If you see anything in future that you aren’t sure of, buy it. You can style things so many ways, and as soon as I seen this dress I knew I needed it in my wardrobe!

Baring in mind, some people may not like to style these types of dresses with boots, but sandals or trainers can work just as well too! I can’t wait to post more blog posts in the near future about different ways to style these dresses as they are absolutely stunning, and super comfy to wear.


Floral Dress: Tesco

Sunglasses: Tesco (not online)

Leather Jacket: Zara 

Biker Boots: H&M (old)

I’ll be pretty much living in this outfit throughout the whole of summer, so if anyone knows where to get these type of dresses, please leave a link in the comments below!





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