Recently I took a trip to Barra which is a island in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. My boyfriend’s family live there, so we are very lucky we can go over whenever we want and have a place to stay! It’s my second time being over there, but this time was the first time I got to admire just how beautiful it was! The amount of people who thought I was abroad was ridiculous! So I thought I’d show you guys a few snaps of when I went away!

Even though most of the trip was very much based around family time, which I love, we also got time to explore parts of the Island. On our first day we visited Vatersay which is linked to Barra. It takes about 20 minutes by car to get there, and as you can see it’s definitely worth the drive! The sand was that type of white sand you get abroad, and I couldn’t complain! We took walks along the beach, played some beach games and then went out on a canoe! For someone that hates boats, I think I done pretty well just even stepping onto that blow up canoe! It was definitely a test between Colin and I as I was pretty sure at points I was going to kill him when we couldn’t steer the canoe and kept going around in circles. We survived to tell the tale though!

Day Two.

Our second day, we took a little boat ride out to Kisimul Castle which is located on it’s own island just off Castlebay.  I was super excited about taking a trip and exploring the castle. But yet again, more boats. This holiday was really testing me with all these different boats I had to go on! There wasn’t a lot to do when we got over to the Castle and it was really run down. I don’t know why I expected it to be fancy with thrones you get sit on! I must have high expectations. Then we went for a lunch that looked out onto the bay and I bought a jar that I later filled with sand from the beach on Barra. We did spent time at night having a bbq with Colin’s family, with his cousins playing the accordion and pipes which was fantastic.


Day Three.

This was our last full day on Barra, which was super relaxed. Colin and I went out for lunch which was honestly so lovely as it was just the two of us. We then ended our very chilled day taking in Colin’s uncles fishing boat, we all got to have a drive of the boat, but for me it was more of a ‘quickly take a picture for my instagram’ and run back to the back of the boat to keep safe. Oh, and we all played a family game of monopoly which i lost, BAD!



I can’t wait to explore more places, and tell you guys all about it. It’s my new favourite thing to do!




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