How I Styled A Low Cut Jumpsuit

Low cut tops for me are a major issue! Any small boobed girls out there? Do you feel my pain!? It’s a real struggle for me to wear any pretty tops since whenever I do within about 2.5 seconds my boobs suddenly want to be on display. So, recently when I bought this gorgeous jumpsuit from New Look I had an idea. Why should I miss out on pretty clothes when I can just compromise! So I said goodbye to my good old safety pins, and hello to cute bodysuits.

Living in the middle of nowhere means no pretty colourful streets, but it does mean a lot of outdoor woodland photos, which I am kind of loving, and they are unique! I also had a lot of fun on this shoot, as it was half trying to look cool, and the other half trying not to break my ankle while trying not to fall out of trees!

Jumpsuit: New Look

Bodysuit: New Look

Black Vans: Office


So next time you want to buy that low cut top you fell in love with, buy it! There are so many ways to style it up! You don’t just need to buy a bodysuit, it can literally be anything! Some safety pins, sew it up a bit, or even just embrace it and buy cute underwear and don’t let your insecurities get in the way! Work it, as I can guarantee nobody is even noticing you feeling a little out your comfort zone! And if they are? Who cares, as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin that’s all that matters!



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