How I Learned To Love My Body

Loving your body is a strange thing isn’t it? One minute you feel a million dollars, and the next you feel like you can’t leave the house. I want to be curvy, but I want to be slimmer too. We can’t have everything in life! That’s why the last 4 months I’ve been struggling even more with my body change, and that’s with me going to the gym! 

I go to the gym between 4-5 days a week, and you’d expect that I’d be happy by now. Totally wrong! These things take time, even though I wish I could click my fingers and have that weight drop off me. However, that’s nowhere near realistic. Getting that perfect body you dream off takes hard work and determination, and it’s something I never had until now!

I am still a size 10, and yes to some that may be small, but to me it’s more than that. I may fit into those size 10 jeans I love, but all I see is that slightly large pooch I have, and over hanging fat on my hips. Unfortunately I am that person who bloats at the sight of bread! Fabulous!

Now, 4 months may be a long time for some, but it’s not a long time in the fitness world. I’m starting to build muscle, but now I need to lose the fat around my stomach that I don’t need, and well, it’s difficult when I could eat 10 packets of crisps a day. Diet for me has been the biggest struggle. I count calories, but even counting calories and eating the wrong thing is a huge issue. Definitely a issue I face! Going to the gym twice a week for me was hard, but 4 times is harder! It’s about control, and forcing yourself to get off the couch and get out!

Now, some people might hate the gym, but even going out runs or walks helps! I am lucky my parents have a cross trainer and I’ve bought skipping rope to help me shift those pounds! Yes a £5.99 skipping rope is apparently one of the best exercises for losing weight. So I’m definitely testing that out! Also, if anyone fears the gym definitely join classes. You quickly make friends and friends with your instructor, if you are lucky enough! Even drag your friends along! It can be a laugh and I definitely laugh a good portion of my classes because of them! Make it fun, it doesn’t all need to be serious.

So, what I am trying to say really is that calling people slim, who don’t love their body can be rude. I may be in the ‘slim’ bracket but I definitely don’t feel it. My favourite pair of jeans no longer fit as my bum is getting bigger from squats, I feel conscious about my stomach, but loving how my arms are getting muscly. Definitely take all that into concederation if you want to get fit just for the muscle gain. You gain pounds on those scales and your body drastically changes, and its something I’m still having to get used to.

Let me know your story, I’d love to hear it, and also any fitness advice!

Also, I am obsessed with Meggan Grubb, and you need to check her out for fitness inspiration!


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