My Fitness Journey Begins.. Again

In March 2018 I started my 2018 Fitness Journey which lasted until November 2018, which I must say is impressive for me. However, life got in the way, as well as food and I realised I wasn’t quite ready to give up family bag sized crisps and gin and lemonades after all. So here I am, January 2019 starting all over again. YAY! *rolls eyes*

Now to some people, a month isn’t long to be off the gym. Wrong. I have pretty much lost, or feel I have lost every muscle gained and every pound lost. I know myself I have put on quite a bit of weight over the festive season due to the photos you see above. I was happy, and now I am not.

So, the fitness journey starts now on the date I am writing this, as I have already started back healthy eating, but the fitness starts on the day I post this out. I have actually started back on the cross trainer! It’s gym classes starting Monday, which will be the next hurdle to get back into.

Why am I documenting this journey though, and not so much my last? Well, I have decided this is it. I’m wanting to push myself ways I’ve never pushed myself before and aiming to stick at it. Not just because I may not like the way I look in the mirror, but also mentally. I felt amazing after every gym class I left, but now I feel in a right slump that I need to get out of. It’s not just gym classes and cross trainer sessions I’ll be doing, I’m also wanting to start running. Apparently buying a running jacket helps with motivation.. who knew!

Also, a quick mention, I am not weighing myself or taking any measurements throughout this as I’ll put a lot more strain on myself and I’ll end up stressing if I don’t see immediate results.

So now it’s time to hopefully leave the Karina you see above behind. In exactly 4 weeks time, so the 13th of February I’ll be posting my update on how I look, and how i’ve been getting on so far, wish me luck!


  1. Louise Lavery
    January 15, 2019 / 3:03 pm

    You’re amazing. You go gal

  2. February 17, 2019 / 10:19 pm

    Good luck with your fitness journey. I think it’s great that you’re wanting to get back to the gym, increase muscle and lose the weight you gained. It’s great that you won’t be focusing on figures too – the number on the scales or measurements. I think it’s much more important to focus on how healthy you feel.

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