Being Happy In My Own Skin

I wrote a blog in January about doing a fitness journey. However, when you aren’t happy in life, and aren’t happy with your body and not willing to do anything about it, there tends to be no progress, hence the no blog update.
Now though, it’s different. I am happy, finding self love, and finding confidence in ways I never thought I would. It is amazing what you can do when you are happy, and amazing what you can do when you actually change your mindset. I didn’t just change my mindset with how I think about myself. I changed my mindset with food and with fitness.
First of though, was pick one thing and stick at it first. I chose my diet. I used to sit and eat bags of family size crisps, bars of chocolate and sweets all because I was bored, or watching TV and had in my head, TV = Food. So, I changed. Living back at my parents meant, no junk food in the house as we are a healthy family, thanks Dad! (Can you sense the hint of sarcasm there?). So, I had no choice but to eat correct, and if I wanted a snack, fruit was what we had in.
In just under 2 months I had seen a difference, not a huge difference, but a difference none the less. It was my best friends that seen the drastic change, and would remind me how far i’d come. My best friend Kirsty, even phoned me saying the change was noticeable, and that was just from pictures. I then realised maybe I had to stop being harsh on myself and be proud at how far i’d come in a short space of time.
So, the picture you see above? It’s from January. I thought back then, ‘I’m happy, I’m going to diet, I’m going to boss this and lose that stone I want to lose’. It never happened. Why? As I said, sometimes you don’t know a bad stage in your life until you’re looking at it from the outside looking in. Saying that, I never knew I was in that ‘bad’ stage. I got lazy, unmotivated and a horrible person to be around. I didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings than my own and that’s not who I am.
So, I changed. I’ve got the healthy eating thing going good, now it’s all about the fitness. I’ve been walking more, which is a massive factor as well to my weight loss. I am also getting back into my gym classes and any classes I miss, doing workouts at home or going out a run.
I am not wanting sympathy or praised for what I’ve done. I’m far from this journey being over, really it’s just the beginning. But, I am super proud of what I’ve achieved as I’m not doing this for anyone but myself now.  There will also be a lot more ‘healthy snack ideas’ or ‘what I typically eat in a day’ blogs going up, which is super different for me, and I’m excited about it.
Change can be a good thing.


  1. Sophie
    July 29, 2019 / 5:04 pm

    You look great and you can totally see the amazing progress, well done!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling much happier, getting out and about always helps doesn’t it?

    Love, Sophie

    • karinahe
      July 29, 2019 / 8:55 pm

      Thank you so much lovely! Oh yes, definitely! <3

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