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I purchased these rings a few months back from www.dollybowbow.co.uk which i absolutely adore! I came across her website by finding her youtube channel which i’d definitely give a watch as she has a lot of hauls and fashion videos which i find useful!

The gold, pink chunky ring is a knuckle ring. I have never bought one before but i’ve seen a lot wearing them so thought i’d give them a go! My hands are quite small so it does drown them a bit but i’d definitely still purchase another one when i get the chance!

The 5 smaller rings are adorable. They just fit half way on your finger and the charms make it look even more fashionable. It took me ages to find these rings in particular on websites as they aren’t that popular yet but i have seen more and more wear these. The rings have charms on them, a cross, bow, peace sign and an ancor and one is just plain.  These by far are my favourite rings i have owned as they are different in so many ways.

They also come in cute dinky wee pink bags which you can see as my rings are placed on it in this photo. I’d definitely check out her website it doesn’t do just jewellery it also does, clothing, home ware and vintage peices!

I’m Karina, New to the whole blogging thing but going to try and keep up to date with this. My photos will consist of pretty things, vintage, floral and a little bit of fashion.

I just got these Galaxy print boots recently from Boohoo.com for £20. Thought it was a good price as i have seen these going for £100/£200 on other websites. They are quite high for shoes i normally buy but the galaxy blue and pink pattern goes with pretty much any outfit and they are very comfy to walk in, even though i may look a tad weird walking in them as i’m not the best heel walker.