Skincare is something I never really used to bother about, as to me it took WAY too much time at the end of the day to take makeup off. Yes, I know, I do sound a little mental and yes I know, it is disgusting to not take your make up off. If someone could of shouted that at me back then, that would of been great! Now however all that has changed and it’s all because of the two products I’m mentioning down below which has completely changed my skin in the last few weeks! View Post

Beauty products are my complete downfall and I can spend a little bit too much money on them, but there was a lot of beauty products in 2017 which I was obsessed with, so it’s taken me some time to sit and write out which products I loved, and to try and narrow that down to 5 items, but somehow I managed and I’m going to share with you all my top 5 and why I was in love with them!  View Post



I thought of doing one extra long post on what I got for Christmas but instead I filmed that, which will be going up today, link here,  so instead I am going to split it up and through January gradually show each thing as I use them/test them out. I thought seeing as I’d never tried Tarte before I’d test them out first, and boy was I not disappointed! They may actually be by far my favourite beauty brand to date!  View Post


Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us, and it’s definitely my favourite time year as I always see so many gorgeous beauty gift sets that I want to get my hands on. So, I thought why not share my beauty wishlist with you all, and hope also that it might give you an idea for yourself or for presents!

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I am very much a high street girl through and through these days, taking a step back from the higher end brands! Which, surprisingly I am loving as I am saving money, and finding products from brands that I’d never thought I’d try! A year or so ago I was sent some Seventeen products and loved them, so when I was recommended the ‘Seventeen Stay Time Foundation‘ by my best friend Louise (who i feel like suggests every amazing product to me) I had to try it out!

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