I started my blog 4 years ago, and this year is the first year I’ve done it full time. I get a lot of questions as to why I started, and ”what do you get from blogging”, so I thought I’d do a blog post on why to start one!

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I love Autumn, it’s my favourite time of year. My perfect night is snuggled up on the couch with a hot water bottle, blanket and a hot drink watching my favourite right now, Gilmore Girls. The dark nights are definitely my favourite, as it gives me an excuse to be lazy, but not feel bad about it! So here is the Autumn Tag. I tag all my readers to do this, as we will get to know each other that little bit more!

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It’s not long now until Christmas, 2 paydays to be exact.. I know how crazy! This is the first year I have my own place, and have to juggle paying bills, rent and buying presents. So, I have sat down and wrote down all my tips that I’m going to give out you guys, and also for myself! Hope these help!

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I’m apart of ‘The Blogger Hub’ and I recently got an email about doing a blog post called ’24 hours in’ which you pick a city you’d love to go to, and explain what you’d do there in 24 hours. I absolutely love the concept of this, and jumped at the chance of doing this blog post. If you win, you win a 9 day trip for 2 exploring Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. If you don’t win that, 2nd and 3rd place win a GoPro. How amazing is that!?



So, what place would I love to spend 24 hours in? I’ve picked Italy. Why? I’ve been to Italy twice already, and it’s my favourite place to go to.  I last went when I was 15 with my parents, so now i’m older I’d definitely appreciate the culture a lot more. So the Italian city I picked is, Verona.

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I honestly can’t believe we are in November, where did October go? I honestly feel like I blinked and it’s November 1st ! One thing I do love though, is doing my monthly favourites. Usually not a lot changes, but I love sharing with everyone. So here are my favourites for October!


Gilmore Girls | This is right at the top as I only started watching it at the start of October and I’m completely hooked. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before! I always scrolled passed it on Netflix not even paying attention that it would be good, then I asked if it was worth watching and every single person said yes! I’m almost on season 5 already. Yes, I know 5 seasons in 1 month, but it’s that good!! There are 4 new 90 minute episodes coming out this month and I can’t wait!!

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