Body Confidence is something I have, then I don’t have, then I have again. It goes up and down and today I want to talk about it. I want to tell you why I ‘fake’ the way I look and how my friends and even family don’t know I do it. It’s nothing extreme, but it’s what gets me out the house some days. I want to let people know that even being a size 8/10 which to some people is small and nothing to complain about, to me, theres days I feel really low and don’t have much confidence to even leave the house. Here is my story, and my tips on how I try to overcome those rubbish days and why I’m changing my lifestyle.

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Last minute at buying Mothers day gifts? If you struggle to get gifts for your Mum on Mothers day, then this blog post is for you. I honestly dread days like this as I spend 3 weeks saying I’ll buy something, and never do until last minute. So I decided on a thing I like to call the ‘Pamper Hamper’. The Pamper Hamper is a bag filled with little gifts for your Mum. A bag filled with loads of little things so she can relax and chill out for that one day.  View Post

It’s very rare I read a book, and put it down and sit, taking a breath and reevaluate my life. This is what happened to me though when I read Giovanna Fletcher’s book ‘Some Kind of Wonderful‘. View Post

Editing photos is something I never used to do. Unfortunately however, starting a blog and taking Instagram more seriously I had to start touching up photos here and there. Over the years I’ve found apps I’ve loved, and some I’ve hated. So, here are the editing apps I use and that have completely saved my blog and Instagram. Also, these apps I have all on my iPhone, not sure if you’ll be able to get these on android! I think you should be able to though!

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February has flown by, but luckily these days I am super organised and kept a note of all my favourite things.  So here is the small list of the things I’ve been loving! View Post