I am a huge fan of YouTube and one of my favourite youtubers is, Tanya Burr. Watching her videos one day I came across a make up tutorial and she was using maybelline ‘the falsies’ mascara. I had walked pasted it so many times in superdrug and boots but never bought it as I thought it would be just another overrated mascara that is a little pricey for me to splash out on and never use!

I used to use rimmel volumise mascara and then I moved to benefit as I got a free tester (one of my blog reviews) but I got bored and my tester was running out! I watched this video and I couldn’t believe the huge difference that one little bottle of mascara could make to somebody’s eyelashes, it was incredible! I went out straight away and bought it for £7.99 (roughly) from superdrug. (Ill post a photo below). The bottling of this product is so pretty, it’s purple with a gorgeous wee lace design on the lid and big bold writing to make the bottle pop and stand out!

The mascara basically does what it says on the bottle! It makes you look like you have fake eyelashes on! I’m not a fan of fake eyelashes as I can’t apply them so this was the perfect opurtunity to see if I suited thicker and more volumised eyelashes! And I did, I can’t change to any other mascara now as I can’t live without it! It’s so handy and when I’m lazy and can’t be bothered applying a lot of make up this just makes up for it and looks amazing! I hope you guys can go out and buy this and share my complete joy of this product! Do you have it? Tell me what you think!

Karina xoxo

This is the beauty products i was the most excited about receiving as i am a nail polish junkie! I have so many i have lost count! When i found these on Elf i couldn’t resist and had to buy it! What did i buy? 14 nail polishes! I might sound mad to you all but these 14 nail polish come in a cube for £15! You get a light cube and a dark cube! I got the lighter one to start off with as its more the colours i wear on a day to day basis! I thought £15 for 14 of them was amazing value as i tend to buy essie and barry m, and for essie it is about £8 just for 1! They apply on so easily and you guys are all missing out!

The photo of my beautiful colourful cube!

If any of you would like a closer look at them or to see what some look like on, just give me a comment below or tweet and i will do that for you! 
I hope you enjoyed my beauty haul and i will have another elf haul, very very soon! Excited to hear from you!
Karina xoxo

I have heard a lot of people rave about highlighting sticks for your skin and i never understood exactly why they were made! I used to use a white eye shadow which done the job for me perfectly fine! When i went onto ‘elf’ though i found a cheap highlight and decided id buy it and see what the difference would be! It cost me £1.50 which is amazing as the one i have heard people rave about is the MAC highlight which is about £18 and i didn’t want to splash out on something i wouldn’t like or would’t use!

I will insert the photos first then tell you about why i have fallen in love with this!

Firstly, the all over cover stick basically does what it says on the packaging, it can be used all over your face for a natural glow or can be used to highlight the main parts of your face! I use mine for cheek bones, below eye brows and sometimes on the inner of my eyes to make them pop! Second of all for me it stays on for a good amount of time, i usually throw it in my make up bag and apply every so often if i feel myself i need a touch up! Lastly, it smells of refreshers the sweets! I kid you not! When i first received it i wanted to eat it more than apply it, and that isn’t right for a make up to smell so tasty!

I recently came across a website called, elf.  Elf stands for ‘eyes, lips and face’, clever huh? And it sells affordable make up which ranges from £1.50 to £30. It’s an absolute bargain! I’m in love with this website and bought a few things to try out first! I would of bought more but I would of bought everything off the website and my bank balance wouldn’t be to happy if i had! I have separated my haul into three parts as there is a few photos and don’t want to confuse a lot of you.

I’m going to do these products in categories of what they are!  So, ill start off with the lip glosses bought! These are very similar packaging to the Clinique chubby sticks which are £17/£22! I bought mine for £2.50! Which I thought was a complete bargain! I obviously done my research before hand about these beautiful glosses but decided I’d trust my own advice and bought them myself!  I bought two and they are called, ‘ coco loco’ and ‘ flirty and girly’. ( photos below)

(Right, ‘flirty and girly’ and left ‘ coco loco’)
The ‘flirty and girly’ lip gloss stick is my favourite! It is pink and has a hint of shimmer/glitter through the gloss! It applies so easily and you notice the difference straight away! It’s easier to apply as its a stick and fills more of your lip faster and quicker than a normal lipstick would with a small wand! ‘Coco loco’ may not be my favourite but it is still a beautiful shade! I’d say its quite light and more brown/pink than the other gloss! It’s more a mature colour so would be great even for wearing to work just for that little hint of shine on your lips, not to vibrant but you still feel more confident with a colour on your lips! Below are some skin testers of the products! 
‘Coco loco’
‘Flirty and girly’ 
Why not go on my next blog post for the ‘elf highlighting stick’ you are going to love it! 😉

My review today is on the new ‘mua’ nail polish. What attracted me to this product was the packaging as it is very similar to ‘Essie’ a more expensive nail polish! And did I mention ‘mua’ is only £1! What a bargain!

As you can see in the photo I took, the bottling is almost identical to Essie products! (You can see the Essie bottle on one off previous posts). A glass bottle with the product name carved into it. It’s a small dinky bottle and is great for taking on your travels!
Now onto the product itself! I got a sky blue colour! First thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was that the nail polish is quite watery which wasn’t great if I’m honest! It applied quite lightly at first so had to reapply the polish 2/3 times for the finish i got ( see photo above).
 I do recommended this but I do warn you it might not be for everybody’s taste! I’m still not sure, myself if I will be purchasing another nail polish from this range! Not everything in MUA are bad though! I am loving the eye palettes and nail art products you can buy! It’s cheap and affordable and great if your just starting your makeup collection! Tell me what you think! 
Karina xoxo