Today I am doing a review on the ‘Urban Decay, Naked 2 palette’. For a long time now I have wanted this and now I finally have my hands on one, I can tell you all about this amazing product!

This palette for starters is very sturdy, the better packaging the more people it will attract and it definitely attracted me, along with the 12 gorgeous nude/dark shades you get in it! Plus as a bonus I got a free lipgloss which I’d also recommend, it tingles when you apply the pink shade and goes on very easy and has a great lasting effect!
Next I will go onto the eye shadows. Out of every eye palette I own, and I do own a lot of them! This has to be my favourite by far! That amazing I didn’t want to use it at first as it was just to pretty to use! But, obviously I did use it in the end and my gosh I’m glad I did! The shadows apply on very easy with the brush/blending brush you get in the palette. My three favourites at the moment are, half baked, snakebite and ydk! The three blending together suit my eye perfectly! I’d definitely give it a go! 
I haven’t tried out any different techniques yet with the other shadows, but I am definitely going to be! And in the upcoming weeks will be putting up different blog posts on my eyes with the different shades! I am excited as you are to see what wonderful and creative ways I can use this beautiful platte!
Karina xoxo

I have decided to do a blog today about tattoos! How to clean them, care for them and what it’s like getting one!

I have wanted a tattoo for years, but tattoos have a lot of planning behind them and aren’t a thing to rush into as its going to be with you for life! I recently got one (two days ago to be exact) so I’m going to tell you what mine means to me and what the pain is like! Then near the end of the blog explain how you care for it!

I thought long and hard about this tattoo for months and because it means a lot to me I decided to go for it! The meaning behind mine? Well.. I have seven swallows on my arm which are a memory of my seven beautiful family members which have sadly past away since ive been born. i will add to it when another sadly goes! So whenever i look at it, it reminds me of them said people who meant a lot to me! (tattoo below)

This tattoo was done by an amazing romanian artist in fort william which is near my home town, its called ‘extreme tattoo and piercings’ and id definitely give it a look at! There work is fantastic!
How painful is it!?

Me personally i never found it sore, i actually laughed a little as the vibration of the gun made my whole arm shake! If you have a good pain thresh hold like myself then you well be absolutely fine! Afterwards, I’m not going to lie to you, it is painful especially when cleaning it! Which brings me on to the last topic…
How to care for your tattoo!

You have to take great care of it as its just like having a cut, but a really big one! When you get your tattoo you will get cling film around it, keep that one for about an hour or so, until the bleedings stops then wash it withi9 warm soapy water! Then apply bepanthen, which is just nappy rash cream for babies! (photo below) and id do this for about 5/6 times a day, which is what i’m doing at the moment! Yes, it can be a pain and you have to leave a lot of time in your day to look after it but after the healing process it is totally worth it! Whatever you do, do not itch your tattoo or take of the scab when it does, or if it does! As you can take of ink and then have to go back and get it redone which is a pain! 
Oh, and don’t be afraid to take showers incase it “falls off” as i was at first, haha! Don’t listen to other peoples opinions on getting tattoos as its your opinion as everybody is different, i listened to a lot and for me? it wasnt bad at all! Have fun, and i can garentee you will spend all your money on more! 
Karina, xoxo

So recently I started buying new things for my room, and whilst cleaning I realised I have a lot of make up and make up brushes just lying about and I never knew how to store them! I didn’t want to store them away I wanted to show them on my dressing table as it would be easier access to them!

So a recent trip to ikea with my boyfriend and his family I had an absolute field day their! I still hadn’t found any storage for them until u hit the outdoor/plants area. I loads of pretty pots from large to small, bright pink to white! I fell I’m love with these two white plant pots (shown below)  they are so pretty and go really well with my room as its quite a bright room with loads of shades of cream in it.

All my brushes fit snugly into these gorgeous pots and I also found the purple pot from whsmith, it’s actually a pencil holder but I love the designs on it! Also I put my earrings on the pot to just brighten it up a bit without ruining the pot! 
I hope you like my idea and if you have any please share them below!
White pots | ikea
Purple pot | whsmith 
Earrings | forever 21 and new look.
Make up brushes | fearne cotton and Victoria Jackson.

Recently I decided to start trying out more expensive make up to see if there was a difference between that and cheaper make up like mua and rimmel.

I was going to go and buy benefit mascara as I’ve heard so much amazing reviews on that product and decided I’d give it ago! But, I found out that ‘Elle’ were selling it with this months issue (may) and I’d be saving £9 on it. So I went out and bought Elle, and this is the small tester I received with this magazine.

The magazine cost me £4 which I thought was a good deal seeing as I got such an expensive make up product with it! This is the tester I received (photo above) I’m absolutely in love with it! Compared to my rimmel mascara I use you can see the difference straight away! It makes your eye lashes look more thicker and stand out compared to other mascaras I have used! So I’m thinking of going out and buying some as opinion don’t think I could ever replace this amazing product!

Dainty doll is the make up range from Nicola Roberts ( girls aloud) if you aren’t to sure who she is!

I had been dying to try out her range for a while but the prices range from £15-20 and I didn’t want to spend that much on just one item of make up. So I do what I do best and I browsed the Internet to see if i could find anywhere cheaper, but you do have to watch these days as a lot of the make up people put on ebay for example can be fakes. But on amazon i found her make up for only £2 and her other products were ranging from £5 to £8 which I thought was absolutely amazing, and it’s 100% legit!

I bought a blusher and a lipstick. ( here are the photos below)

Lipstick: the lipstick is creamy/pink shade which I adore, as I said in previous blog posts i always buy lipstick but never wear it! But this i always wear! And I need to invest in some more, it’s such a nice light shade and its not to in your face, which I like! I don’t suit bright colours so this shade is perfect for me! I highly recommend it!
Blusher: I have wanted a new blusher for months on end so I found this as a good opportunity to buy one as it was going cheap on amazon! It’s not a bright pink its more natural so you can just tell you are wearing it and no more! The only problem I had with this product is i have it in my makeup bag and the powder split and is in little bits now and not all together which I was slightly annoyed at, but in future ill probably leave my blusher at home and not leave it in my bag which I dump and throw about everywhere! 
So on you go, go on to amazon and type in ‘dainty doll’ i promise you, it’s not a let down!