It’s that time of year again when people spend crazy amounts of money on festivals. It may seem far away but they are only a couple of months away and people will be starting buying and getting organised with clothes, tents, sleeping bags etc. I mean it is the january sales after all, and it’s always better to be organised than rushing about last minute. Festivals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, it wasn’t mine until last year. The thought of festivals before made me feel sick! I hated the thought of no showers, smelly toilets and being freezing in a damp uncomfy tent whilst i could be happier in my little house with a warm cosy bed, hot water and clean bathroom.

A drunken decision turned out to be the best one i ever made! Two months before T in the park i decided to buy a ticket and go. I regretted it the first moment i took the money out the bank, but hey, i wanted to try something new and reach out my comfort zone, it would be my 18th there and i’d be with all my friends and didn’t like the thought of being alone on my 18th birthday. Yeah the campsite was boggy, you were freezing, no water, horrible toilets, damp tents and drunken people everywhere, but the crowds and atmosphere was incredible! THAT’S wha made it for me! Like one big community together, enjoying our favourite thing as a team.. MUSIC.

First time at a festival? Here is the important essentials you should bring :3

– tent (obviously)
– sleeping bag
– clothes/wellies ( don’t forget to pack a jacket and a few warm jumpers, it does get cold)
– baby wipes (ITS A MUST.. it’s a life saver!)
– food/drink/alcohol (remember put drink in plastic bottles if it’s in glass)
– pare of extra shoes so your wellies don’t get you tent muddy
– ID, cheap phone, money
– a bag that goes around your waist (its safe, always on you and keep your valuables in it)
– dry shampoo and smellies (you will thank it so much once the weeks over)
– a bucket (if you want, we did and saved us half the time going to horrible toilets)
– line your bag with black bags in case it rains so your stuff doesn’t get wet
– paint for your face, get into the festival spirit and have fun xD

There’s just a few of the essentials you will need for a great festival, you can obviously bring more, that’s just stuff at the top of my head. I enjoyed it so much i am going to download festival this year.  happy camping!

Love to me is the most perfect thing in the world, but very hard to find. You think your in love with someone then you wake up one day and they somehow fall out of love with you, no explination, no reason. That has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. But love is out there! For everyone, you just have to go out and find it. So the wedding speech i am going to show you is like no other! It’s orginal, well organised and simply perfect! Who is it by!? Well it’s my favourirte member of my favourite band, Tom Fletcher from Mcfly. This video has gone worldwide in the space of a couple of weeks! THAT is how perfect it is! It’s every girls dream! 

How do i know the love you see is true? Well.. because i know! I am a huge Mcfly fan and i have been since the very start, nearly 10 years to be exact. Every McFly fan knows that Giovanna and Tom’s love is real.. and it’s the love we all want, she has to be the luckiest girl alive! 

So here is the famous speech. I’d get the tissues at the ready!

It’s worth 14 minutes to watch. I believe everyone can have love like that, you just have to find the right person to make that happen! Everyone is beautiful, you yourself have to believe it! 
I’d love to hear what you think of it down below. Thanks for reading 🙂

For new year i purchased Barry M’s magnetic nail polish which i had seen advertised in a lot of magazines and thought i’d give it a go. I bought this in superdrug for £4.99, i did splash out a bit for nail polish but these days £4.99 isn’t a bad price.

How does it work? Well, the lid of the nail polish is a magnet you can get them in different patterns. I went for diagonal. You paint a first coat of nail polish and leave to dry, then add a second coat. When you add the second coat, whilst applying each nail hover the magnet over your nail for about 10-20 seconds, the more you leave it, the more the design will show. As you can see in this picture i took of my nails you can see the stripes on it. It’s such a lovely effect and your nails don’t look boring.

You can get this nail polish in about 5 different colours, i picked a metalic colour. I got so many compliments on my night out when i wore this, and a lot of people were asking were i got it from. It’s a must buy product. Everyone should have one of these in your make up bag!

For months i heard people going on about a tangle teezer a new hair brush that doesn’t tug at your hair, doesn’t hurt if you are de-tangling hair  and gives it a natural shine. I never understood the fuss but i thought i’d try it out as most hair brushes i had seemed to pull at my hair and hurt. I bought this in boots for £10.99 which right away anybody would think i’m mad for buying a hair brush for £11 but now that i have used it, i am never going back! It is one of the best hair brushes i have ever used, i’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair and It’s quite small to so i can take it everywhere i go. You can get lots of different types and colours of tangle teezers but this is the only one i have tried so far.

I can guarantee it is worth the money and i hope you are lucky enough to try one out!

The past few years i have spent a lot of money and tried tons of hair products, but none really worked on my hair and my hair was ruined from a lot of hair dying and that resulted in my hair stopping growing all together. It only used to grow to just above my shoulders and no more. So a shopping trip to boots one day i found Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo, conditioner and a mask for my hair. I thought i’d try it out and it has done wonders on my hair so i thought i’d share this with you in case you had the exact same problem as myself!


This shampoo is amazing, it makes my hair feel amazing and healthy. It was £6.99 but i got it when it was on a special offer, but it’s totally worth the money! First i shampoo my hair well then i had the hair mask which does all the hair growth work you get the tub of mask and put some on your hands and put through your hair thoroughly from roots to end, it’s about the size of an egg the amount you need on your hand each time you do it and you leave it in for 5 minutes.. You only use the hair mask once a week. Then you add the conditioner which you also use once a week. You can use the mask and conditioner together or do them separate days. (pictures and prices of hair growth mask and conditioner are below).

hair growth mask : £7.99

conditioner: £6.99