For months i heard people going on about a tangle teezer a new hair brush that doesn’t tug at your hair, doesn’t hurt if you are de-tangling hair  and gives it a natural shine. I never understood the fuss but i thought i’d try it out as most hair brushes i had seemed to pull at my hair and hurt. I bought this in boots for £10.99 which right away anybody would think i’m mad for buying a hair brush for £11 but now that i have used it, i am never going back! It is one of the best hair brushes i have ever used, i’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair and It’s quite small to so i can take it everywhere i go. You can get lots of different types and colours of tangle teezers but this is the only one i have tried so far.

I can guarantee it is worth the money and i hope you are lucky enough to try one out!

The past few years i have spent a lot of money and tried tons of hair products, but none really worked on my hair and my hair was ruined from a lot of hair dying and that resulted in my hair stopping growing all together. It only used to grow to just above my shoulders and no more. So a shopping trip to boots one day i found Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo, conditioner and a mask for my hair. I thought i’d try it out and it has done wonders on my hair so i thought i’d share this with you in case you had the exact same problem as myself!


This shampoo is amazing, it makes my hair feel amazing and healthy. It was £6.99 but i got it when it was on a special offer, but it’s totally worth the money! First i shampoo my hair well then i had the hair mask which does all the hair growth work you get the tub of mask and put some on your hands and put through your hair thoroughly from roots to end, it’s about the size of an egg the amount you need on your hand each time you do it and you leave it in for 5 minutes.. You only use the hair mask once a week. Then you add the conditioner which you also use once a week. You can use the mask and conditioner together or do them separate days. (pictures and prices of hair growth mask and conditioner are below).

hair growth mask : £7.99

conditioner: £6.99

So yesterday i bought sale items in superdrug and i thought i’d share them with you. They have an awesome sale on atm, so you should definitely check it out!

1. Colour unlimited: I bought this make up box to try out, i have tested it and it’s turned out really good, it’s not that expensive but not always the best make up is! In the set you get, an eye shadow pallet with greys and blacks, blusher and bronzer, two lip glosses – one light pink and one dark pink, glitter liquid eye liner and two dark glittery nail varnish. You do get different colour box sets but i suit darker colours better than light.

2. Tommy Hilfiger – LOUD: This perfume i love, it was orginally £19.99 but i got it for £4 which i thought was a great bargain. I love the smell of it but different people like different stuff, so i might not be your type of perfume.

3. Gosh crayon eyeliner: I loved this from the moment i tested it. I got it for £2 when originally  it was £4.99. I prefer crayon eye liner to pencil as i feel that pencil can sometimes be tough on your eyes and it goes on very thick, but with this it goes on smoothly and neatly, which i love.

I bought this Cath kidston bag and purse from for myself at christmas time. Together they were a bit pricey and i can’t remember the exact price but they are great quality and worth the money in my opinion. I haven’t heard one bad word about Cath Kidston products so i thought i’d treat myself and buy some, also floral hasn’t always been my cup of tea but her products are to die for! She sells a huge range from bags to purses, to clothes and houseware. I know i will be definitely buying more from this website when i get more money.

Firstly, the bag is a design i wouldn’t normally go for but when i seen this i fell in love with it, it’s floral design is a lot different to most of her stuff as they are mostly smaller prints but the big roses suit the blue in this really well and bring out the bag. It’s spacious inside and i can fit all my essentials that i need in a daily basis.

Lastly, the purse matches the bag as you can tell and its a brown leather when you open it up which is a nice touch as i think if it was all floral i think it would look to plain and boring. It has plenty of card holders and a lot of room for loose change. By far my favourite purse i have ever owned and wont be buying a new one any time soon!

Recently bought this barry m lipstick (TMLP) for about £4 from superdrug. It is quite expensive for lipstick but it is barry m after all!

Your first thought probably is “omg it’s green, ew” but even though it’s green it comes out a totally different colour. When it hits your skin it goes to the actual shade of pink/red you suit the most which i found amazing. It comes out a dark pinky red for me, which i’d never normally go for but now that i’ve tried it i’ll definitely be wearing it more often and probably purchase some more darker shades also. If you put it on your hand it doesn’t come off that well, as my boyfriend just tried a second ago and now has a bright pink hand.

This has definitely been one of my best make up purchases in a long time and i’d definitely recommend it.