2017 was one of the most emotional years of my life. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, so I thought I’d reflect on my year, but also put in the happy times and show you photos along the way.  View Post



I thought of doing one extra long post on what I got for Christmas but instead I filmed that, which will be going up today, link here,  so instead I am going to split it up and through January gradually show each thing as I use them/test them out. I thought seeing as I’d never tried Tarte before I’d test them out first, and boy was I not disappointed! They may actually be by far my favourite beauty brand to date!  View Post


Another year over, and even though 2017 was full of more lows than highs, I wanted to kick start the new year and motivate myself for 2018. New Year goals for me, are always a fail, so this year i’m setting myself realistic things I want to achieve and do.  View Post

At this time of year you can’t forget about your furry friends, so the hunt for dog treats and toys was on! That’s when I got contacted by PetShop.co.uk asking if they could send Spencer a little gift, which of corse I couldn’t turn down as Spencer 100% loves opening presents more than anyone I know!

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Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us, and it’s definitely my favourite time year as I always see so many gorgeous beauty gift sets that I want to get my hands on. So, I thought why not share my beauty wishlist with you all, and hope also that it might give you an idea for yourself or for presents!

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