The Self Love Tag


Louise tagged me in the ‘Self Love Tag’, which I absolutely loved the sound of so I couldn’t wait to get stuck right into it and complete it. I love things like this as you really get to know a person through them! I also definitely agree that everyone should go and love themselves a little bit more!

The Rules:
1. Answer all the questions honestly (damn, there goes my plan of making it all up)
2. Tag five people who you want to bring a bit of happiness to (can’t I bring them pizza instead?)

What is something that is getting you down at the moment?

My health. I am tired, A LOT, that tired that I actually can’t properly function without taking a nap throughout the day. I have been to doctors appointments though and still nothing, I am apparently fine! There is honestly nothing worse than feeling rubbish, yet there is nothing you can do about it!

What is something that makes you happy?

Even though food has the way to my heart, and the odd mojito or five.. the thing that makes me happy and makes me feel ‘at home’ is my boyfriend. UGH SOPPY I KNOW, but he always knows the right things to say when I am not feeling myself, and listens to my pointless (yet really interesting) gossip. It makes me feel really special when I have someone who will always tell me I look nice, and give my cuddles when I’m sad.

Name 3 guilty pleasures!

  1. Fifty Shades Of Grey. Is that one? Maybe! But even though the movies make me cringe, I always seem to be able to watch them over and over again, and the second movie is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it.
  2. Watching Proposal videos on youtube. I love seeing their reactions and how everyone proposes in that little bit extra special way. Also the fact that I can’t wait for the day I get engaged!
  3. Eating chocolate and crisps together! It just tastes so good together, and I don’t know why!

What is something about yourself you’d like to improve on?

I want to believe in myself more! I always put myself down and think i’m not good enough, when in fact I probably am and need to give myself a little bit more credit! It’s definitely something I need to work more on, as I’d love to be able to not feel like that.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

Probably on Saturday night at the reaction of this stag do that were in the same pub as us, and Louise looked proper freaked out, and couldn’t tell if she wanted to laugh, or run a mile! I definitely haven’t laughed that much in ages! (You definitely had to be there though).

What is your biggest insecurity/fear?

My biggest fear is definitely losing any of the people in my life I care so much about. I hate the thought of me being alone, and not having anyone to comfort me, or share a laugh with.

Name a song that always cheers you up when you’re down.

Oh this is a hard one, and can’t choose one specific song, but the two bands that always cheer me up are Mcfly and Twenty One Pilots!

Name 3 things you like about yourself

  1. Creativity. When I put my mind to it, and actually think, I can be creative and have great ideas, I just find it difficult to bring those to life at times!
  2. My legs/bum. I love my chunky thighs and big bum. I am lucky it runs in my family, and don’t need to do loads of squats to help me, but it definitely does help!
  3. Supportive. I am always supportive of my friends and family, and always make sure that they know it to!

What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year?

I started my youtube channel! It’s something since 2008 that I’ve wanted to do, but I haven’t had the confidence, and I still don’t, but I finally had the courage to do it from my best friend Louise and boyfriend, Colin. Having supportive people around me definitely helps!

Tell us your happiest memory.

The very first time I met Mcfly. I had waited about 7 years previously to meet them, and the day I found out I was going to meet them I cried so much, and couldn’t sleep at all the night before! But strangely, never freaked out or acted like a fan girl in front of them! I obviously fan girled after!! I am lucky enough now to have met them that many times that they remember me!



So there is just a little taste of what I’m like, and I can’t wait to read more of these! I tag, Kirsty, Izzy, Alice, Holly and Alice. I can’t wait to read what you girls write, and thank you to Louise for the tag!


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